At KS Værktøj / KS Toolstore, we are known for our great selection in occupational wear, safety shoes and boots. Is it for the office, the construction site or maybe agriculture, then we have the right clothing for you! We always provide the best clothing and quality for our customers.

We offer many popular brands, such as som Engel, Deer Hunter, BlaaklæderPinewood, ID, CraftBåstad gruppenKansas Fristads, Ejendals / Jalas, and many more.

If you wish for logo print or embroidery on your occupational wear and/or sportswear, we can also be of service in this area. If you have any questions, you are very welcome in our stores in Maribo and Rødbyhavn, or you can contact us at +45 54 78 34 72 (Maribo) and +45 54 78 06 00 (Rødbyhavn)